A short description of Freemasonry.


Freemasonry World Wide:

Freemasonry is one of the world's oldest fraternal non-political, non-sectarian societies. It is concerned with high moral and spiritual values and is open to men of integrity, of any religion, who believe in a Supreme Being. Discussion on politics or religion is not permitted at Masonic meetings as either can be a cause of dissension.

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Every freemason is encouraged:

to do his duty to his God (by his own tradition), to extend and develop his whole persona and psyche, to show care for the community by giving of his time and talents, to conform to the laws of the land in which he resides, and by which he is protected. A Freemason's duty as a citizen prevails over any obligation to his fellow Freemason, and he may not shield another Freemason who has transgressed or one who seeks to use membership to promote personal or business gain.

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About Irish Freemasonry

The Grand Lodge of Freemasons of Ireland is the governing body, within the island of Ireland and it, like the Grand Lodges of England and Scotland administers Lodges under its jurisdiction across the globe. There are many other Regular Grand Lodges around the world practising in a similar manner and these enjoy a happy and fraternal relationship with the Grand Lodge of Ireland. There are, however, a few self-styled Grand Lodges and other organisations that use the word Masonic, but which do not require the same high standards from their members, and which may become actively embroiled in political or religious matters. Contact with these irregular organisations is very strictly forbidden.

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Masonic secrecy

Contrary to popular belief, the only Masonic secrets are those concerned with the traditional modes of recognition among members.

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A more detailed leaflet is available from: The Grand Secretary's Office Freemasons' Hall 17 Molesworth Street Dublin 2 Tel: (01) 6761337 - Fax: (01) 6625101 eMail glfi@iol.ie www.irish-freemasons.org/

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